Ear Worm English
Hello! I'm Ernie Earworm!
Level 1 - Master English Pronunciation
Teens or Tens?
Fill or Feel?

Words with A
Words with E
Words with I
Words with O
Words with U

Level 2 - Master English Vocabulary
Opposites Bingo!
Number Bingo!
Confusing Words - Difficult!
Peace or Piece? - VERY Difficult!
Level 3 - Master English Questions
Questions with "Where"
Questions with "When"
Questions with "Who"
Questions with "How"
Questions with "Why"
Questions with "Which"
Is there...? / Are there...?
Was there...? / Were there...?
Bigger and Better
Biggest and Best
History Questions

Level 4 - Master English Sentences
4 Word Sentences
5 Word Sentences
6 Word Sentences
7 Word Sentences
8 Word Sentences
9 Word Sentences
10 Word Sentences
Sentence Ladder - Climb to the top!

Level 5 - Master English Stories
1. "Cat and Mouse"
2. "Hearing Problems"
Level 6 - Living Abroad
(Very difficult - please don't cry!)

How to Ride a Bicycle
Daily Life
Activities for Fun
Activities at Work

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